Kevin Kuchta's Blog

"A man's domain is his castle"
I've been kicking around the internet since I was a kid, and I've owned various websites about as long.  From the HTML course I took over the summer in elementary school to the rails system I put together a couple years back, I've always had some online representation, often tied to various user names and interests.  I've made Starcraft fan pages, webcomics, rough cms's, collections of written work- everything but the standard blog.

What I've lacked until now, though, has been a place directly associated with Kevin Michael Kuchta.  The closest thing to that is my facebook page, which isn't the front I want to show the world.  To this end, I'm getting my hair combed, buying a respectable domain name, and putting a decent blog there.  That's this thing.

I'll get into the decisions I've made concerning this site, the history of my online presence, my current place in life, etc in future posts- this is just to say why this site exists: to be a stable repository for all things Kevin Kuchta.