I'd like To Hate on Sports Fans

I’d like to rag on sports fans for their ridiculous tribalism, but then I realize that half my clothing is just one organization or another that I’d like to associate with, and that I feel a sense of camaraderie with those who share those preferences.

I’d like to make fun of how much time sports fans waste on an ultimately useless pursuit, but then I remember that I spent at least as much time playing video games yesterday as most people will spend today watching football.

I’d like to point out how boring it sounds when fans get together and talk nothing but sports for hours, but then I know what it’s like when I talk programming with my friends.

I’d like to call it “sportsball” and reduce it to silly descriptions like “large sweaty men moving a dead animal skin.” But then, I know how dumb it sounds when you reduce the things I like to similar absurdities such as “pressing buttons in front of a glowing box all day.”

I’d love to hate on sports fans, but as it turns out human nature isn’t actually that different between different subcultures. It just puts on different clothes. I guess I’ll have to find some other group to feel superior to.