• Senior Software Engineer / Lead Backend Engineer
  • Joyable
  • 2014-2019
As a full stack developer using Ruby on Rails and Angular.js (later React), I helped this mental health startup grow from 5 to 40 people. I built many user-facing features, improved frontend performance, built payment + subscription systems, wrote internal tools, built most of the API, drove the transition to an SPA, managed/developed the Docker-based infrastructure, and hired/mentored other engineers.
  • Software Developer
  • Threadflip
  • 2013-2014
I did full stack development with Rails, Coffeescript, and Backbone at this two-sided ecommerce marketplace. I worked on user-facing features, internal tools, refactoring, and optimization.
  • Software Engineer
  • Expensify
  • 2011-2013
I was an early developer at this SaaS expense reporting startup. I worked on both the PHP backend (bank integrations, a Mechanical Turk system, receipt parsing) and the heavy JS frontend (tiered feature-sets, report permissions, dropbox integration).
  • Prior
Parse3 (C#), IBM (JS), GE (Java), RIT SoFA (PHP)


A Golang tool to quickly register + spin up new sites with S3, Cloudfront, ACM, and Route53 on AWS.
A mobile-friendly React site for exploring the wikivoyage travel site (and using a Ruby-based scraper).
A Ruby rack-based slack bot to manage reserving servers. Built partially as an exercise in building a Ruby http service without Rails.
A markov-generator that produces realistic-looking Amazon announcements. Parser in Ruby, generator in Python (on AWS Lambda), frontend in JS. A Ruby-, Python-, and JS-based markov-generator to produce realistic-looking Amazon announcements.
  • Other Projects
A Rails + Coffeescript app for tracking coffeeshop internet speeds. An infinite-scrolling wall of random imgur images in Angular. A tiny Javascript physics engine. A humorous-but-functional url shortener using only AWS Lambda. A Ruby twitterbot that completes Hamilton lyrics.


BS in Software Engineering, 2011
Rochester Institute of Technology


Ruby is the Best Javascript
RubyConf 2018

Other Interests

Homebrewing, Photography,
Travel, Comic Drawing